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Digital Quran Pen Reader Plus Extras


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The Digital Quran Pen Reader includes the following;

1.  The Holy Quran

The Holy Quran comes in a regular sized mushaf with colour coded Tajweed Rules where you can use the Digital Pen to listen to The Holy Quran in six very reputed and very popular voices of reciter whose recitation is loved accross the globe.

  • Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Aziz As-Sudais
  • Sheikh Qari Abdul Basit Abd us- Samad
  • Maher Al-Mueaqly
  • Sheikh Mishary bin Rashid Alafasy
  • Sheikh Mohamed Siddiq El-Minshawi
  • Abu Bakr Al Shatri

2.  Digital Pen to read The Holy Quran

Sentence by sentence or/and word by word options available!

The Digital Pen can read The Holy Quran in 5 different languages which are Arabic, Urdu, English, French and Malaysian.

Infact the Pen can read 20 languages however we have integrated only 5 of the above for reading the Quran, Inshaallah we hope to sync other languages soon.

Note - You can still use the pen to learn Arabic in the Dictionary that we are providing at no additional cost where the other languages are working. Other languages include English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Potugues, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Dutch.

You can even upgrade the memory on your Pen simply by inserting additional memory card. You can not only Read and listen to The Holy Quran but also practice your pronounciation by using the record option available on the Pen as well as on every page of The Holy Quran. You just have to touch the reciter's name or the language you want to hear The Holy Quran being recited in and then the Surah you want to listen. You can increase and decrease not only the volume but also the speed at which The Holy Quran is recited by either using the buttons on the Pen or the symbols on every page of The Holy Quran.

3.  Digital Pen Charger/Data cable

You can use the charger to charge the Pen so no need to worry about the batteries anymore.

Please note: The Digital Quran Pen Reader comes with the standard EU plug (as pictured)

You can also use the data cable to charge you Pen.

Note - You can even upgrade your memory on the Pen for recording.

4. Sahih Al Bukahari

This digital book contains the full Sahih Al Bukahari which the Digital Pen allows you to listen any Hadith and chain of narration. (Arabic Only)

5.  Qaida Noorania {Contents below}

99 Names of ALLAH swt

Short cuts to read The Holy Quran by just touching the Surah name using your Pen.

Noorani Qaida to learn Arabic language with correct pronunciation right from the basics.

Duas(supplications) from The Holy Quran

Daily Duas (supplications) from Hadith

Hisnul Muslim (Fortress of the Muslims)

Alrooqia Alsharia


6.  The Holy Quran Card

Most helpful when you are traveling and when you are not able to carry the The Holy Quran with you. All you need is your Pen and The Holy Quran Card.

Your Holy Quran Card easily fits in your shirt pocket. All you have to do is use your Pen to touch the Surah names printed (all 114 surahs, daily duas are printed) on the The Holy Quran Card and you can listen to the recitation. Again the card has the options for volume control,, languages, popular reciters, recording and everyday duas from Hadith. Also Anasheed and Alroqia Alsharia. (Please note, speed control is not available with this model)

7.  Dictionary 

Whether you from the UK or China, France or Korea, Spain or Turkey. You have a very simple way to learn Arabic for daily conversation or understanding using the your Pen to learn and speak. The Pen can read 20 languages in total. 14 of which are being used in the dictionary.

English, Arabic, French , German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Korean and Chinese

8. Headphones incase you want to listen to The Holy Quran in privacy

9. One year manufacturer warranty

Our standard return policy is 14 days however, if for some reason your pen reader will develop any fault within one year, you will need to contact the manufacturer directly in order to repair or replace the faulty product